1.1 Prepare accounting book
  • Consulting on building accounting process, prepare and transfer documents
  • Check input and output invoices
  • Classify and arrange accounting documents
  • Prepare quarterly/annually financial statements. With the quarter if Client request to make
  • Print accounting documents
  • Prepare management reports as requested (add more fee If Client request)
  • Register as Chief Accounting (add more fee If Client request)
  • Prepare statiscal reports
    1.2 Declare tax
  • Declare monthly/yearly VAT tax
  • Declare monthly/yearly VAT tax
  • Finalize CIT/PIT
  • Declare other taxes such as license tax, witholding tax,...
  • Register tax code for the employees
  • Notify and calculate tax amount upon arising
    1.3 Explain on accounting data
  • Explain to auditors
  • Explain to tax authority
  • Explain to other competent authorities

    1.4 Register labour, insurance and payroll

    (Apply for companys have under 10 people. If larger than 10 people will be renegotiated and Sign additional annexes again)

        - Prepare payroll and pay-slip

        - Prepare reports on labour using status

        - Conduct other procedures with insurance authority

  • Undertake to strictly comply with all regulations on accounting, tax and labour
  • Best preferrial fee rate
  • Provide professional and necessary advice on tax and accounting to serve the development of the enterprise
  • The owner of the enterprise can focus on the business without considering about its accounting system and law compliance

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