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  1. Payrolls
    • Consulting on drafting of labor contract
    • Preparing monthly payroll includes wages, bonuses and allowances
    • Preparing and calculating salary for employees; preparing payslip
    • Calculating personal income tax, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and union fund
  2. Employment registration
    • Implementing the procedures of registration of laborand reporting periodically amount of labor in accordance with thestate regulations.
    • Registering the system of wage scale and payroll
  3. Insurance procedures
    • Implementing the initial registration documents
    • Implementing reports relating to increase or decrease of number of staffstothe social insurance agency.
    • Adjusting the payroll if changing
    • Preparing the documents for re-issuanceofinsurance books or cards if they are lost or damaged
    • Preparing the documents of maternity allowance and other benefits such as retirement, one time allowance, death, sickness,… (if any)
  4. Work permit
    • Preparing the documents of application for a work permit and extension of a work permit   
    • Preparing the documents of application for a temporary residence card and extension of a temporary residence card

  • Ensuring thecompliance on the regulations of accounting, tax, labor and insurance
  • Reasonable and competitive fee
  • Providing management reports, necessary and intensive adviceon accounting and tax to support the development of the enterprise.
  • The business owner can focus on business without thinking of accounting and compliance of law

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