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 Tax auditing services
 Assessment of the performance of tax obligations
• Examination of documents, tax returns
Advise clients on the tax implications of contingent contracts or financial decisions
- Provided opinion on tax effects on accounting treatments
General Tax Risk and Treatment Solutions
Company representatives explain to the tax authority (if necessary).
 Check the validity of input and output invoices
Inspect and review the VAT refund dossier / or make a tax refund dossier
 Consultancy, guidance will correct the file for the best tax refund
• On behalf of the enterprise, submit the tax return file to the tax office.
• Monitor, update tax refund information.
• Represent the enterprise to explain to the tax authority the contents related to the tax refund dossier.
Receive tax refund at tax office.
 VAT consultancy
+ Consultation on issues related to VAT
+ VAT consultancy for contractors
+ VAT consultancy for individuals
+ Consultation on VAT declaration and reporting procedures
+ Consultation documents, procedures for tax refund, tax exemption, tax complaints

• CIT advice
+ Advise on issues related to CIT
+ Consultation on procedures for declaration and reporting of CIT
+ Advising on conditions and procedures for tax incentives and exemptions
+ Advise on CIT complaints procedures
+ Consulting and adjusting the risks and errors of CIT
• Personal income tax advice
+ Advising on issues related to personal income tax
+ Advising on procedures for tax declaration and reporting
+ PIT refund consultancy
+ Advising on conditions and procedures for tax exemption and reduction
+ Advising on procedures for complaints about PIT
 Contractor's tax advice
 Import and export tax consultancy
Transfer pricing advice
+ Consult the regulations on transfer pricing
+ Guiding the making of declarations of transaction of affiliated parties
+ Make a report proving no transfer
+ Tax support service, tax inspection
+ Assessment of the fulfillment of tax obligations
+ Review tax records and declaration
Providing opinions on tax implications for accounting treatment
+ Synthesis of tax risks and solutions
+ Representatives of companies explain to tax authorities