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In Vietnam, applying for a business registration certificate / investment registration certificate / operating license and sub-licenses as required by the specialized law requires many complicated procedures as required. of the management agency. Investors / investors will spend a lot of time and effort to prepare the dossier, compile the dossier, and modify the application dossier as many times as required. Tam Phat's license application service will support businesses / investors to receive the license in the shortest time, save costs and prevent risks because they do not know the law.

At Tam Phat, Licensing services are conducted in a rigorous and scientific manner. All finished products are checked and controlled by the responsible manager, ensuring the products handed over to customers are accurate and valid.

Tam Phat offers a wide range of Licensing and Registration Services, including but not limited to the following Licenses:

  • Certificate of enterprise registration

  • Certificate of investment registration

  • Permit for the establishment of the representative office of the foreign trader

  • License for the establishment of the branch of the foreign trader

  • Business license to exercise import, export, wholesale and retail

  • License for foreign language center (informatics)

  • Certificate of security and order

  • Certificate of qualifications for practicing accounting / auditing

  • Trademark protection certificate

  • Temporary residence card for foreigners

  • Work permit / certification is not subject to work permit

  • Certificate of satisfaction of food hygiene and safety conditions

  • Other types of licenses