Joint Circular No. 05/2016 / TTLT-BKHCN-BKHDT guiding the handling of cases where the name of the enterprise infringes upon industrial property rights. Accordingly, take measures:
- Forcibly change the DN, remove the offending element in the DN if the violation:

Date 29/07/2017 17:15:51

On 06/6/2017, the Government issued Decree 71/2017 / ND-CP on corporate governance applicable to public companies.
Accordingly, the structure of the Board of Directors in addition to ensure the balance between members with knowledge and experience in law, finance and business activities of the company also consider factors About gender.

Date 29/07/2017 16:25:22

This is the content mentioned in Resolution 19/2016 / NQ-CP dated 28/4/2016 on major tasks and solutions to improve the business environment and enhance national competitiveness in 2016-2017. And orientation to 2020.

Date 29/07/2017 17:14:11

On July 1, 2016, the Government issued Decree No. 96/2016 / ND-CP regulating security and order conditions for some conditional business lines

Date 29/07/2017 16:53:15