Date 29/07/2017 16:09:29

05.54am 27-04-2017
The content of business consultancy services abroad is clearly defined in the Government's Decree No. 46/2017 / ND-CP, including organizations providing services of study abroad.
 Parents and students learn about school information at the 2017 US Education Fair. (Photo: Phuong Vy / VNA)
The content of business consulting services abroad is clearly defined in Decree No. 46/2017 / ND-CP of the Government.

According to the decree, organizations providing consultancy services for study abroad include: enterprises established and operating under the provisions of the Enterprise Law; Non-business units having the function of providing overseas study consultancy services; Foreign educational organizations operating legally in Vietnam.

Business consulting services to study abroad, including introducing, consulting information on educational policies of countries and territories; Consultancy on selection of schools, courses, professions and qualifications suitable with learners' abilities and aspirations; Organizing advertising, conferences, seminars, fairs and exhibitions on study abroad as prescribed by law.

Organizing enrollment, recruiting overseas students; Organizing necessary skills training for Vietnamese citizens abroad; Organizing the taking of Vietnamese citizens abroad for study, bringing their parents or guardians to visit overseas training places according to the provisions of law; Other activities related to business consulting services, also in the field of business consulting services.

The decree also stipulates that organizations providing overseas study consultancy services must satisfy the following conditions: organizations providing overseas study consultancy services are established in accordance with the law; Having offices, facilities and equipment for the business of overseas study consultancy services; The staff of direct consultants to study abroad with university degree or higher; Have the ability to use at least one foreign language from level 4 upwards in the 6-level foreign language capability framework for Vietnam and the equivalent; Having a certificate of professional training for study abroad as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Organizations providing overseas study consultancy services shall be suspended from their overseas study business activities when one of the following circumstances is committed: for the granting of business registration certificates for overseas study consultancy services; Failing to meet one of the conditions prescribed in Article 107 of this Decree.

Cases of violation of the law on education shall be administratively sanctioned to the extent of suspension; Lease or lend a certificate of business registration for study abroad services; Other cases in accordance with the law are also suspended business.