Date 29/07/2017 16:02:43

When it was established, companies registered information on google map such as phone number, website, company address. Some days, the company discovered that the company's 08.38389426 phone number on google map was changed to 08.22600007 is the number of Asia Company Limited.
Reflecting on Ho Chi Minh City law, Truong Duc Hai, Director of Hon Ngoc Vien Dong Tourism Company, said.
Change the phone number of another company
Tran Ngoc Hien Thanh, director of Co Viet Tourism Company, also said that she recently discovered that the Asian Tourism Company had amended its phone number. Company 08.62607630 to 08.22455557.
According to Truong Duc Hai, through inquiring him to know the Asian companies do this. It has caused damage to businesses and consumers. By now, especially on the peak, most customers on the website find phone numbers, call for advice and book tours. Then they asked company employees to pay for money ... There are even cases where the company also sell tours to other companies.
"Today we (19-12), we sent letters to Department of TT & TT, Tourism Department, Tourism Association ... proposed to eliminate the type of business competition unfair" - he Hai information.
Can be fined up to 150 million
Dr Nguyen Ngoc Son, expert in competition, Head of Law Department Ton Duc Thang University, said this can be considered business disruptive behavior. Article 44 of the Competition Law prohibits businesses from disturbing legitimate business activities of other enterprises by acting directly or indirectly hindering or disrupting business activities of such enterprises.
The adjustment range of the disturbance is very wide. There has been a case where taxi company A. interfered with the telecommunication system, causing the operator of the taxi company B. not to receive, not hear the call.
Under the provisions of the above law, will be fined 50-100 million for the act as stated. Fine 100-150 million if troubles of business activities of other businesses, causing businesses to be troublesome can not continue to conduct business activities normally.
"I sincerely apologize to the company"
The company does not deny this mistake but this is not my policy. My two collaborators (CTV) have done this. I gave these two people leave work. No operator is so stupid to cut his arms and legs by himself. Upon detecting the problem, we processed it immediately.
On the other hand, during my CTV edit to return information on google map, we discovered there are other people also edit. Just a few technological skills are on the go. Nowadays, public opinion poured into my company is also not fair! Actually, I'm not in control because the Google page is not my page. I guarantee that anyone working in the travel industry with no partner is dead, I am a business person, not wanting to get rid of my company.
Through this I apologize to all affected companies. I am willing to compensate on the side of cooperation. This is my sincerity.