Date 29/07/2017 15:57:23

Recently, the Prime Minister promulgated Directive 26 / CT-TTg in the spirit of GoV co-operation with enterprises in order to efficiently implement Resolution 35 / NQ-CP on enterprise support and development until 2020.
Accordingly, request the Ministry of Finance:
Directing the tax authorities to publicize on the Electronic Information Portal the list of 1,000 largest enterprise income tax payers in Vietnam.
- To review and amend regulations on tax administration and customs along the direction of inter-ministries among concerned ministries and agencies so as to minimize the time and expenses for enterprises.
- Complete the contents of the draft decree on agricultural insurance, elaborate the decree on electronic invoices and vouchers for submission to the Government in October 2017.
See more details in Directive 26 / CT-TTg issued on 06/6/2017.
Source: Ngoc Lieu (