Date 29/07/2017 16:36:09

Recently, the General Department of Taxation has issued Official Letter 1966 / TCT-CS on shortening the time of buying invoices for enterprises, organizations, households / individuals. Whereby:
- Enterprises, organizations, households / individuals in the case of purchasing invoices from tax offices will be allowed to buy invoices on the same day.

- The directors of the Tax Departments of the provinces and centrally-run cities should direct the sections / units in each provincial / municipal Tax Department to:

+ Increased responsibility for the simplification of administrative invoices;

+ Cutting time for businesses, organizations, households / individuals;

+ Do not let businesses, people spend more time buying invoices.

This direction is in line with the spirit of Resolution 19-2017 / NQ-CP on the implementation of tasks and solutions to improve the business environment, enhance national competitiveness in 2017, orientation to 2020.

Official Letter 1966 / TCT-CS issued on 15/5/2017.
Source: Thuy Vy (