Date 29/07/2017 16:43:23

Today (03/3/2017), the General Department of Taxation has guided the final settlement of corporate income tax (PIT), personal income (PIT) in 2016. Accordingly, mentioned many important content as follows:
1. Settlement of CIT, which deals with the following issues:
- Legal grounds for determining the amount of CIT payable when finalizing CIT in 2016.
- Important notes when finalizing CIT in 2016.
- Dossier for finalization of CIT in 2016.
2. PIT finalization, addressing the following issues:
- PIT policy, local guidance, propaganda, support electronic declaration.
- Legal grounds for implementing PIT finalization 2016.
- PIT finalization policy 2016.
- Where to file PIT finalization in 2016.
- Form of PIT finalization in 2016.
- Family allowances for 2016.
- Time limit for submission of PIT finalization dossier 2016.
With this guidance, some will help individuals and organizations more favorable in finalizing CIT, PIT in 2016.
Source: Thanh Huu (