During operation of the enterprise, the enterprise must often conduct procedures to amend the enterprise registration certificate/ investment registration certificate, supplement sub-licenses (such as certificates of eligibility for fire prevention and fighting, certificate of food hygiene and safety, license related to environment, advertising, trading, etc). Such procedures takes a lot of time and money of the enterprise. Therefore, we offer a service for conducting such service in behalf of the enterprises. With experisenced team, we offer including but not limited following procedures:

1. Certificate for enterprise registration, business households, cooperatives

2. Investment registration certificate

3. Operation registration certificate for branch, representative office of Vietnamese enterprise and merchant

4. Certificate of eligibility on fire prevention and fighting

5. Certificate of food safety eligibility

6. APEC Business Travel Card

7. Work permit, visa, temporary card for foreigner working/living in Vietnam

8. Sub-license for operation of restaurants, hotels, factories, etc.

Working process

 Step 1: The client provide us with documents/information;

– Step 2: We check provided documents/informations and send quotation within 1 – 2 working days;

– Step 3: We prepare application dossiers, submit to authority after the client has approved quotation and paid advance payment.

– Step 4: We hand over license and receive remaining amount.

We are absolutely committed to the information confidentiality of customer, with competitive service fees and the best quality of service. Please contact the hotline: 0914 519 759 (Ms. Ninh) for immediate consultation.

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