1 / Accounting service staff: Quantity 02

Job description:

– Entering accounting documents;

– Make quarterly tax returns / monthly;

– Making financial statements, accounting books;

– Other tasks related to tax and accounting procedures of the enterprise.

2 / Legal staff: Quantity 01

Job description:

– Preparation of legal documents related to the enterprise;

– Searching for legal documents;

– Providing consultancy on solving legal issues related to enterprises, contracts …;

– Other legal support jobs.


+ Want to collide, accumulate practical experience soon;

+ Major is accounting, law;

+ Diligent, hard-working, careful, responsible;

+ Have transportation, laptop;

+ English, Korean, Chinese is in advantage;


+ Active time practice with learning time;

+ Be trained, share knowledge from experienced people;

+ Get experience from reality;

+ Opportunity to become official staff after graduation.

Working place: 08 – 10 Le Van Thiem, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh

CV include:

– Transcript of the last two semesters

– ID card

– Self introduction (specify orientation, career plan …)

Send to or

0567 899 879